Latest Press Releases

2019 Press Releases

December 2019: SALON

November 2019: Patricia Altschul New Works, with sculpture by Gary Dinnen

October 2019: D. Oldham Neath departs Curator position at KVIE PBS

October 2019: Arthur Sordillo Remembrance; Davy Fiveash mural

September 2019: Sacramento Superheroes (group show)

August 2019: From My Garden and More by Maureen Hood, and New Works by Linda Nunes; STING by Robert Bowen – Wide Open Walls 2019 mural

July 2019: Feather, Fins, and Fur (group show) featuring Maria Winkler, and New Works by Richard Feese

June 2019: Stephanie Taylor and Christy Heron-ClarkSimple Objects: An Excavation

May 2019: Sean RoyalDeath Valley and Back

April 2019: Robin Leddy Giustina, with Eryle Swanson and Debra Kreck-Harnish

March 2019: Hen Party (group show), with Leslie McCarron and David Truman Tracy

February 2019: CORAZĂ“N (group show) featuring The Royal Chicano Air Force

January 2019: Introductions (group show) featuring four artists new to the gallery

2018 Press Releases

December 2018: Here Comes Santa Claus
November 2018: D.L. Thomas, Robert Bagnasco Murray, Rose Kelly
October 2018: Patricia Altschul
September 2018: The Box it Came In (group show)
August 2018: Maureen Hood and MacAulay Brown
July 2018: Stephanie Taylor and Jesse Vasquez
June 2018: Kellie Raines, Don Yost, Miles Hermann
May 2018: Mel Ramos and Gary Dinnen
April 2018: Death Valley by Sean Royal
March 2018: New Works by Richard Feese
February 2018: Full Circle by Gerald Barnes, and Stele by Mariellen Layne
January 2018: Jian Wang, and the NorCal Corner

2017 Press Releases

December 2017: Here and There by Jian Wang, with Earl Boley