Press Releases

January 2019

Introductions (group show of five artists new to the gallery)

December 2018

Here Comes Santa Claus (holiday group show)

November 2018

D.L. Thomas, Robert Bagnasco Murray, Rose Kelly

October 2018

Patricia Altschul

September 2018

The Box it Came In (group show)

August 2018

Maureen Hood and MacAulay Brown

July 2018

Stephanie Taylor and Jesse Vasquez

June 2018

Kellie Raines, Don Yost, Miles Hermann

May 2018

Mel Ramos and Gary Dinnen

April 2018

Sean Royal: Death Valley

March 2018

Richard Feese: New Works

February 2018

Gerald Barnes – Full Circle, and Mariellen Layne – Stele

January 2018

Jian Wang Exhibition and New Art in the NorCal Corner

December 2017

Jian Wang: “Here and There” – Paintings from Sacramento and New York
Also on exhibition, selected works by Earl Boley

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