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Mel Ramos (born 1935) rose to prominence as an important exponent of Pop art after exhibiting in shows alongside Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol in the early 1960s. Juxtaposing glamorous bodies with the seductive but hollow artifacts of American consumerism, Ramos is perhaps best known for his distinctive female nudes–stylish pin-up girls bedded on fruit or posing lasciviously with, or popping out of, larger-than-life consumer goods such as candy bars and soft drinks. Throughout his career, Ramos has explored these motifs in prints as much as in paintings.

Mel Ramos: New Prints surveys a range of Ramos’ print work, starting from his figurative departure from Abstract Expressionism to his portraits of comic book heroes such as Wonder Woman and his satirical nudes lampooning brand advertising. * Description from Art Book