The Gallery

Archival Gallery presents Hen Party, a group exhibition March 7-30, 2019.

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Featured Artists include: Phyllis Cottrell, Emily Elders, Richard Feese, Lindsay Filby, Marie Gonzales, Cynthia Hipkiss, Maureen Hood, Mariellen Layne, Jill Montre, Carol Mott, Corey Okada, Kellie Raines, Victoria Smith, Don Yost, and more.

Hen Party is inspired by “a social gathering of women.”

Archival Gallery plays on this definition to include our region’s agricultural uniqueness with representations of barnyard birds in all mediums and by artists of all genders. Roosters, chickens, owls, and hens are flocking to the gallery for a social party this spring.

Also showing on the Front Wall during March, Leslie McCarron’s 31 Days and David Truman Tracy’s LEGO* Lamps.