Fine Art Gallery

Archival Gallery is pleased to present monthly art exhibitions featuring works by well known and emerging artists. Join us every Second Saturday from 6PM-9PM for complimentary refreshments and an opportunity to meet the featured artist.

Exhibition Schedule

September 6-29, 2018: The Box It Came In (group show), celebrating 35 years of Archival Gallery
Reception: September 8 at 6PM

October 4 – November 3, 2018: Patricia Altschul
Reception: October 13 at 6PM

November 6-30, 2018: DL Thomas, Robert Bagnasco Murray, Rose Kelly
Reception: November 10 at 6PM

December 4-22, 2018: Here Comes Santa Claus (group show)
Reception: December 8 at 6PM

January 10-26, 2019: 2019 Preview (group show)
Reception: January 12 at 6PM

February 2019: RCAF members Rudy Cuellar and Louie the Foot
Reception includes a poetry reading and live music

Past Shows

August 8 – September 1, 2018: Maureen Hood and MacAulay Brown

August 25-26: Land Park Celebration, from the Estate of Laureen Landau
In association with Archival Gallery, a two-day open studio featuring works by Laureen Landau and others.


July 10-31, 2018: Stephanie Taylor and Jesse Vasquez

June 6-30, 2018: Kellie Raines and Don Yost: Birds of a Feather, and Miles Hermann: New Works

May 4-31, 2018: Mel Ramos & Gary Dinnen

April 5-28, 2018: Sean Royal: Death Valley

March 8 – 31, 2018: Richard Feese New Works, also showing Fred Gordon, Laureen Landau, and Maureen Hood.

February 2, 2018 – March 2, 2018: Gerald Barnes: Full Circle, and Mariellen Layne: Stele

December 2017 – January 2018: Jian Wang, with Earl Boley

November 2017: Fish, Fishing, Fish – Fred Gordon, Maria Winkler, and Christopher Dewees

October 2017: Subtleties & Sirens by Corey Okada, and New Sculpture by Lee Kavaljian

September 2017: New Works by Matt Bult and Jay Welden

August 2017: Sean Royal & Maureen Hood

July 2017: Trump l’oiel

April 2017: New Paintings by Patricia Altschul – Exhibition Review