Leslie McCarron and Cynthia Hipkiss – May 4-27, 2023

Color is what motivates me, excites me and distracts me, it always has been. Color is the first thing that inspires me to create a painting, the first thing to catch my eye about a subject, be it a still life or landscape. Color will sustain me throughout the painting process as I work through composition, color harmony, values, shapes, movement and balance. – Leslie McCarron

Complementing this exhibition, new sculptural work by Cynthia Hipkiss in her signature style of humorous figures in bold colors. Hipkiss’ ceramic food-safe dishware is regularly on-display at the Gallery, with this collection adding people and animal figures in large format sculpture.

Sample Images

Please visit the Gallery to view the full exhibition of work. Contact us at 916-923-6204 for purchase inquiries.