William Peterson, Kiny McCarrick, and Sean Royal in a Land and Sky exhibition June 1-24, 2023. The Gallery will be open for a Second Saturday Public Reception on June 10 from 5-8PM.

William Peterson presents 1961 Selling the Dream, a mixed-media series of real estate parcel maps embellished with period headlines and advertisements. This collection captures the optimism and anxieties of a key year in the city’s timeline.

Kiny McCarrick is known for her finely detailed emBROODery art that is inspired by anatomy, life, death, and morbid curiosity. For this new exhibition she extends her inspiration into the natural world with embroidered landscapes and architectural scenes.

Sean Royal shares his collection of colorful landscapes of Death Valley, in a new series of mixed-media panels based on site photography. Small wood panel paintings are combined into a large hanging sculpture that reimagines the desert landscape.

Sample Images

Please visit the Gallery to view the full collection.