Elk Grove Fine Arts, a small group exhibition, April 1-24, 2021. This show features works by regional artists including Terry DeFrates, Stacy Maeda, Erin Martinelli, Jolene Matson, and Mary Sorrels. Visit the gallery or contact us at 916-923-6204 for purchase inquiries. A selection of work is presented below – please visit the gallery to view the full exhibition.

Also showing in the gallery this month, tables by Kaz Huette Designs. Click here to view and learn more about available tables.

Installation Images for EGFA Exhibition

We are pleased to showcase artists in the Elk Grove region of Northern California. The diversity of work in this area is shown through contemporary and traditional landscapes, still life, and the structural beauty of glass and ceramic sculpture. All artists in this collection are active members of the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center and are showing works curated by Archival Gallery’s D. Oldham Neath.