Eric Dahlin ◉

Example Works

Archival Gallery regularly showed Eric Dahlin’s work and represented him exclusively in Northern California. There are currently no works available for purchase.

Eric Dahlin, local ceramics artist popular for whimsical animal sculptures, dies at 72.


SALON, December 2019 (group show)

Here Comes Santa Claus, December 2018

About the Artist

The late Eric Dahlin created stories about figures reminding us of intimate “Snap Shots” of wonderful and sometimes daft people and animals. Eric’s ideas stem from those weird but loveable little birds, often recognized as crows that one views flying over our regional fields and valleys.

His first-rate sculpture might well be a lady and bunny waiting for a train, dancing a fling or holding a cocktail. Cheerful and undaunted, the multi-colored glazes in Dahlin’s sculpture often depict silly little ladies that just want to make you smile. His birds, innovative as they may be, sparkle and glitter with bright and spotted colors. We view Dahlin’s captivating flying creatures as they continually soar off the wall.