Richard Stein

Example Works


Richard Stein and Davy Fiveash, November 2023

Richard Stein and Leslie Hackard, August 2022

Fiveash, Royal, and Stein, July 2021

River / City (group show), September 2020

About the Artist

A long-time resident of the Sacramento area, Richard’s interest in art developed early and continued in high school, followed by more formal art studies at the college level.  His working life, however, was in engineering related fields.

He has returned more actively to his art, and although his subject matter is varied, Richard’s main focus is on depictions of the farms and fields in the Delta and along the Sacramento River.  The high altitude views stem from his engineering background, and in recalling the details and land patterns that can be seen in aerial photographs, he said “California’s fields, when observed from higher up can reveal textures, patterns and colors that aren’t readily apparent at ground level.  The paintings are mostly about my interpretations and manipulations of those elements to represent on canvas what can be seen in real life. I use a careful compositional layout, a certain choice of colors, thickened paint and a variety of tools to create the final image.  The compositions are based on real places and, while the layout is from reality, the fields move into abstraction.”