Robin Leddy Giustina

Example Works


Untitled Exhibition, November 2022

Fork to Canvas (group show), August 2021

In the World of the Living, April 2019

About the Artist

I sketch from real life and from photographs that I take. I am happiest when my paintings are loose and free. I work at simplifying the shapes and I soon move away from my references of sketch or photo and concentrate on the psychology of the painting. The painting tells me what to do.

I like to focus on the beauty of the figure and also of the life I live. I have different topics that always come up in my paintings. They mirror my life: Children playing in playgrounds or pools, people viewing art exhibits and hanging out at bars. Dogs going on walks and cats sunning themselves are close to my heart. Recently, since the Pandemic I have been painting what I am calling, dancerly landscapes. These are mostly local images of favorite trees or well know golf course views in Sacramento and San Francisco. Yes! I took up golf just to get out of the house during lockdown.

I am inspired by Bonnard, Vuillard and Fairfield Porter to name just a few artists. I taught Art, Art History and Dance in High School and in College. My students taught me everything I know and I hope you can see the dance movements my paintings express.

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